By age 65 most of us have lost almost
ALL of our Stem Cell Activity.
Sadly, the less Stem Cell Activity we have,
the FASTER we Age and the SLOWER we heal.
Now, thanks to an Historic Breakthrough
in Stem Cell Technology, we can
Activate Our Own Stem Cells with light
using a non-invasive and non-transdermal patch.

Susans x39 Story

A three minute introduction to the x39

Typical Benefits Include: Rapid Pain Relief -- Improved Sleep --More Energy & Vitality --Improved Skin Appearance -- Increased Mental Clarity -- Accelerated Natural Wound Healing -- Reduced Inflammation -- Enhanced Sports Performance
-- Faster Recovery from Exercise

Seven Minute Overview of Lifewave x39
by Gregory Mascari

Dr Jon Harmon
Nine minute explaination of how the x39 works

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